CRV 2012

Joint conference information

CRV 2012 Program

Sunday, May 27th

9:00-5:00 Tutorials/Workshops

Monday, May 28th

8:00-8:30am Conference Opening (AI/GI/CRV wide)

9:00-10:00am CRV Invited Talk 1: Oliver Brock - Perception from Interaction

10:00-10:30am Morning Break

10:30-12:10pm Session #1 Laser and 3D

  • Multi-scale saliency-guided compressive sensing approach to efficient robotic laser range measurements
    Shimon Schwartz, Alexander Wong, and David A. Clausi
  • On the Repeatability of 3D Point Cloud Segmentation Based on Interest Points
    Joseph Lam and Michael Greenspan
  • Probabilistic Obstacle Detection using 21/2 D Terrain Maps
    Gregory Broten, David Mackay, and Jack Collier
  • Adaptive RGB-D Localization
    Michael Paton and Jana Kosecka
  • Planar Segmentation of RGBD Images using Fast Linear Fitting and Markov Chain Monte Carlo
    Can Erdogan, Manohar Paluri, and Frank Dellaert
  • 12:10-13:30pm Lunch

    1:30-3:00pm Session #2 Human Vision and Perception

  • Improved Edge Representation via Early Recurrent Inhibition
    Xun Shi and John K. Tsotsos
  • Information Fusion in Visual-Task Inference
    Amin Haji-Abolhassani and James J. Clark
  • Perceptual Structure Distortion Ratio: An image quality metric based on robust measures of complex phase order
    Alexander Wong
  • Poster flash presentation #1
    Each poster presenter will have the opportunity to summarize his work with a 2-slides, 2 minutes presentation.
  • 3:00-4:30pm Afternoon break and CRV Poster Session #1

  • Difference of Circles Feature Detector
    Abdullah Hojaij and John Zelek
  • Fast Surface Denoising using Finite Volumes of the Dual Mesh
    Anis Kacem and A. Ben Hamza
  • PEGUS: An Image-Based Robust Pose Estimation Method
    S. S. Mehta, J. W. Curtis, P. Barooah, and W. E. Dixon
  • A Learning Probabilistic Approach for Object Segmentation
    Guillaume Larivière and Mohand Said Allili
  • Motion Adjustment for Extrinsic Calibration of Cameras with Non-overlapping Views
    Frank Pagel
  • A Real Time Augmented Reality System Using GPU Acceleration
    David Chi Chung Tam and Mark Fiala
  • Accelerometer Localization in the View of a Stationary Camera
    Sebastian Stein and Stephen McKenna
  • Recurrent Refinement for Visual Saliency Estimation in Surveillance Scenarios
    Neil D.B. Bruce, Xun Shi, and John K. Tsotsos
  • Human Head Pose Estimation using Image Abstraction
    Anant Vidur Puri and Hariprasad Kannan
  • Framework for Natural Landmark-based Robot Localization
    Andres Solis Montero, Hicham Sekkati, Jochen Lang, and Robert Laganiere
  • Combination of Color and Binary Pattern Codification for An Error Correcting M-array Technique
    Udaya Wijenayake and Soon-Yong Park
  • Contact-Free Heart Rate Measurement Using a Camera
    Kual-Zheng Lee, Pang-Chan Hung, and Luo-Wei Tsai
  • Heat Kernels For Non-Rigid Shape Retrieval: Sparse Representation And Efficient Classification
    Mostafa Abdelrahman, Moumen El-Melegy, and Aly Farag
  • A Simple Calibration Approach to Single View Height Estimation
    Kual-Zheng Lee
  • Image De-blurring Using Shearlets
    Amirhossein Firouzmanesh, Pierre Boulanger
  • Robust Body-Height Estimation for Applications in Automotive Industry
    Christian Scharfenberger, John Zelek, and David Clausi
  • 4:30-5:30pm Session #3 Video and Motion

  • A Multi-Scale Hierarchical Codebook Method for Human Action Recognition in Videos Using a Single Example
    Mehrsan Javan Roshtkhari and Martin D. Levine
  • Robust background subtraction using geodesic active contours in ICA subspace for video surveillance applications
    Hicham Sekkati, Robert Laganiere, Amar Mitiche, and Richard Youmaran
  • Optical Flow at Occlusion
    Jieyu Zhang and John L. Barron
  • 5:30-6:30pm CIPPRS Meeting

    Tuesday, May 29th

    9:00-10:00am CRV Invited Talk 2: Allan Jepson - Non-rigid Structure from Motion

    10:00-10:30am Morning Break

    10:30-12:00pm Session #4 Robotics I : State Estimation / SLAM

  • Gaussian Process Gauss-Newton: Non-Parametric State Estimation
    Chi Hay Tong, Paul Furgale, and Timothy D. Barfoot
  • Single Robot Exploration: Simultaneous Localization and Uncertainty Reduction on Maps (SLURM)
    Ioannis Rekleitis
  • A variational approach to mapping and localization
    Andrew Hogue and Saad Khattak
  • Poster flash presentation #2
    Each poster presenter will have the opportunity to summarize his work with a 2-slides, 2 minutes presentation.
  • 12:10-1:30pm Lunch

    1:30-3:20pm Session #5 Shape analysis and learning

  • Learning Categorical Shape from Captioned Images
    Tom S. H. Lee, Sanja Fidler, Alex Levinshtein, and Sven Dickinson
  • Shape From Suggestive Contours Using 3D Priors
    Stefanie Wuhrer and Chang Shu
  • Shape-Based Registration of Kidneys in Differently Contrasted CT Scans
    Fernando Flores-Mangas, Allan D. Jepson, and Masoom A. Haider
  • Non-Lambertian Model-based Facial Shape Recovery from Single Image Under Unknown General Illumination
    Shireen Elhabian, Eslam Mostafa, Ham Rara, and Aly Farag
  • Wavelet Reduced Support Vector Regression for Efficient and Robust Head Pose Estimation
    Matthias R├Ątsch, Patrik Huber, Tatjana Frank, Philip Quick, and Thomas Vetter
  • 3:30-5:00pm Afternoon break and CRV Poster Session #2

  • Real-Time Semantics-Based Detection of Suspicious Activities in Public Spaces
    Mohannad Elhamod and Martin D. Levine
  • 3D Registration for Verification of Humanoid Justin's Upper Body Kinematics
    Nadia Figueroa, Haider Ali, and Florian Schmidt
  • New Approach For Classification Of Autistic Vs. Typically Developing Brain Using White Matter Volumes
    Mostafa Abdelrahman, Asem Ali, and Aly Farag
  • Parallelizing a Face Detection and Tracking System for Multi-Core Processors
    Abhishek Ranjan and Shahzad Malik
  • Multi-Robot Repeated Area Coverage: Performance Optimization Under Various Visual Ranges
    Pooyan Fazli, Alireza Davoodi, and Alan K. Mackworth
  • A Virtual Vision Simulator for Camera Networks Research
    Wiktor Starzyk, Adam Domurad, and Faisal Z. Qureshi
  • Accelerated Patch Sorting by a Robotic Swarm
    Andrew Vardy
  • Enhancing Exploration in Topological Worlds with Multiple Immovable Markers
    Hui Wang, Michael Jenkin, and Patrick Dymond
  • Extracting Edge Voxels from 3D volumetric maps to reduce map size and accelerate mapping alignment
    Julian Ryde and Jeffrey A. Delmerico
  • What Can an Image of a Smooth Lambertian Surface Tell about Camera Nonlinearity?
    Moumen T. El-Melegy and Aly A. Farag
  • Robust Horizon Detection using Segmentation for UAV Applications
    Nasim Sepehri Boroujeni, S. Ali Etemad, and Anthony Whitehead
  • Design and Evaluation of a Flexible Interface for Spatial Navigation
    Emily Tsang, Sylvie C.W. Ong, and Joelle Pineau
  • Specular-Reduced Imaging for Inspection of Machined Surfaces
    Ken Sills, David Capson, and Gary Bone
  • A Metaheuristic Bat-Inspired Algorithm for Full Body Human Pose Estimation
    S. Akhtar, A.R. Ahmad and E. M. Abdel-Rahman
  • Segmentation and Pose Estimation of Planar Metallic Objects
    Haider Ali and Nadia Figueroa
  • Gradient Kernel Anisotropic Diffusion for Better Image Filtering
    Amir H. Shabani, John S. Zelek, and David A. Clausi
  • Exploiting Reusable Paths in Mobile Robotics: Benefits and Challenges for Long-term Autonomy
    Timothy Barfoot, Braden Stenning, Paul Furgale, and Colin McManus
  • 7pm Banquet and Awards

    Wednesday, May 30th

    9:00-10:00am Session #6 Vision II: Features

  • Extracting High-Level Intuitive Features (HLIF) For Classifying Skin Lesions Using Standard Camera Images
    Robert Amelard, Alexander Wong ,and David A. Clausi
  • Fast Matching of Binary Features
    Marius Muja and David G. Lowe
  • Dynamic Weighting of Facial Features for Automatic Pose-Invariant Face Recognition
    Eslam Mostafa and Aly Farag
  • 10:00-10:30am Morning Break

    10:30-12:00pm Session #7 Robotics II

  • Socially-Driven Collective Path Planning for Robot Missions
    Juan Camilo Gamboa Higuera, Anqi Xu, Florian Shkurti, and Gregory Dudek
  • Towards AUV Route Following Using Qualitative Navigation
    Peter Vandrish, Andrew Vardy and Peter King
  • 3DTown: The Automatic Urban Awareness Project
    Eduardo R. Corral-Soto, Ron Tal, Langyue Wang, Ravi Persad, Luo Chao, Chan Solomon, Bob Hou, Gunho Sohn, and James H. Elder
  • BRaVO: Biased Reciprocal Velocity Obstacles Break Symmetry in Dense Robot Populations
    Seyed Abbas Sadat and Richard T. Vaughan
  • 12:10-1:30pm Lunch

    1:30-2:30pm CRV Invited Talk 3: Paul Newman - Long Term Vast Scale Navigation

    2:30-3:00pm Afternoon Break

    3:00-4:30pm Session #8 Vision III: Applications

  • Visual Place Categorization in Indoor Environments
    Ehsan Fazl-Ersi and John K. Tsotsos
  • Large-Scale Tattoo Image Retrieval
    Daniel Manger
  • In Situ Motion Capture of Speed Skating: Escaping the Treadmill
    J. E. Boyd, A. Godbout, and C. Thornton
  • Evaluation of Local Spatio-temporal Salient Feature Detectors for Human Action Recognition
    Amir H. Shabani, David A. Clausi, and John S. Zelek
  • 6pm Conference Wrap up