CRV 2007

Work in progress



Invited speakers

Tuesday 09:00 - 10:00 Michael Black, Brown University
Wednesday 09:00 - 10:00 Larry Matthies, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Wednesday 13:00 - 14:00 Martial Hebert, Carnegie Mellon University


Paper oral presentation slots are 20 minutes.

Poster maximum dimensions are 4'-by-4'.

Monday 10:30 - 12:00: Paper Session 1
10:30 Figure-ground segmentation using a hierarchical conditional random field Jordan Reynolds and Kevin Murphy
10:50 Finite Generalized Gaussian Mixture Modeling and Applications to Image and Video Foreground Segmentation Mohand Said Allili, Nizar Bouguila and Djemel Ziou
11:10 Using Feature Selection For Object Segmentation and Tracking Mohand Said Allili and Djemel Ziou
Camera Calibration I
11:30 Extrinsic Recalibration in Camera Networks Chris Hermans, Maarten Dumont, Philippe Bekaert

Monday 13:00 - 15:00: Poster Session 1
A non-myopic approach to visual search Julia Vogel and Kevin Murphy
PFAAM - An Active Appearance Model based Particle Filter for both Robust and Precise Tracking Sven Fleck, McElory Hoffmann, Karin Hunter, Andreas Schilling
The importance of scale when selecting pixels for image registration Rupert Brooks and Tal Arbel
Terrain Modelling for Planetary Exploration Ioannis Rekleitis, Jean-Luc Bedwani, Sebastien Gemme, Tom Lamarche, and Erick Dupuis
Efficient Non-Parametric Corner Detection: An Approach Based on Small Eigenvalue R. Dinesh and D S Guru
Classification of Bovine Reproductive Cycle Phase using Ultrasound-Detected Features Idalia Maldonado-Castillo, Mark G. Eramian, Roger A. Pierson, Jaswant Singh, Gregg P. Adams.
A feature based strategy for vision based navigation of aerial vehicles farhad Samadzadegan, Sara Saeedi
3D Tree-Structured Object Tracking for Autonomous Ground Vehicles Changsoo Jeong
Extending Graph-Cut to Continuous Value Domain Minimization Michael Felsberg
Robust Subspace Position Measurement Using Localized Sub-Windows Aart Smit and Derek C. Schuurman
Lighting Direction Estimation in Perspective Shape from Shading by Genetic Algorithm Chi Kin CHOW, Shiu Yin YUEN
Identification and Recognition of Objects in Color Stereo Images Using a Hierarchical SOM Giovanni Bertolini, Stefano Ramat
Wavelet-based Light Reconstruction from a Single Image Cameron Upright, Dana Cobzas, Martin Jagersand
Establishing Visual Correspondence from Multi-Resolution Graph Cuts for Stereo-Motion Joshua Worby, W. James MacLean
Region detection and description for object category recognition Ehsan Ersi Fazl and John S. Zelek
A New Segmentation Mehtod for MRI Images of the Shoulder Joint N.T. Nguyen, D. Laurendeau, A. Branzan-Albu

Monday 15:30 - 17:30: Paper Session 2
Object Recognition
15:30 Local Graph Matching for Object Category Recognition Ehsan Fazl Ersi, John S. Zelek
15:50 Efficient Registration of 3D SPHARM Surfaces Li Shen, Heng Huang, Fillia Makedon, Andrew J. Saykin
16:10 Computing View-normalized Body Parts Trajectories Frederic Jean, Robert Bergevin, Alexandra Branzan Albu
16:30 Automated Detection of Mitosis in Embryonic Tissues Parthipan Siva, G. Wayne Brodland, David Clausi
16:50 Computer Assisted Detection of Polycystic Ovary Morphology in Ultrasound Images Maryruth J. Lawrence, Mark G. Eramian, Roger A. Pierson, and Eric Neufeld
17:10 Automatic Detection and Clustering of Actor Faces based on Spectral Clustering Techniques Samuel Foucher, Langis Gagnon

Tuesday 10:30 - 12:00: Paper Session 3
Early Vision I
10:30 A Fast and Simple Operator for Precise Estimation of Ellipses Jean-Nicolas Ouellet, Patrick Hebert
10:50 Extracting Salient Objects from Operator-Framed Images Daniel Crevier
11:10 Learning Saccadic Gaze Control via Motion Prediciton Per-Erik Forssen
Camera Calibration II
11:30 Screen-Camera Calibration using a Spherical Mirror Yannick Francken, Chris Hermans, Philippe Bekaert

Tuesday 13:00 - 15:00: Poster Session 2
Monocular Range Estimation through a Double-Sided Half-Mirror Plate Masao Shimizu and Masatoshi Okutomi
A Factorized Recursive Estimation of Structure and Motion from Image Velocities Adel Fakih and John Zelek
Visual fingertip location for hand pose recognition Mark Baumback, J.R. Parker
Version and vergence control of a stereo camera head by fitting the movement into the Hering's law Jayathu G. Samarawickrama, Silvio P. Sabatini
Vehicle Tracking and Distance Estimation Based on Multiple Image Features Yixin Chen
Speckle Simulation Based on B-Mode Echographic Image Acquisition Model Charles Perreault, Marie-Flavie Auclair-Fortier
INVICON: A Toolkit for Knowledge-Based Control of Vision Systems Olena Borzenko, Yves Lesperance, Michael Jenkin
Images Restoration Using an Iterative Dynamic Programming Approach Minglun Gong
Mapping and Exploration of Complex Environments Using Persistent 3D Model J. Fournier, B. Ricard, D. Laurendeau
A Prototype No-Reference Video Quality System Richard Dosselmann, Xue Dong Yang
Oriented-Filters Based Head Pose Estimation Mohamed dahmane and Jean Meunier
SAR Sea Ice Image Segmentation Based on Edge-preserving Watersheds Xuezhi Yang and David A. Clausi
Spatial Topology Graphs for Feature-Minimal Correspondence Zinovi Tauber, Ze-Nian Li, Mark S. Drew
Efficient indexing for strongly similar image retrieval Gerhard Roth and William Scott
Super-resolution based on interpolation and global sub pixel translation Kamel Mecheri, Djemel Ziou and Francois Deschenes

Tuesday 15:30 - 18:30: International Workshop on Video Processing and Recognition
Scheduled by the workshop organizers

Wednesday 10:30 - 12:00: Paper Session 4
10:30 Using a Raster Display for Photometric Stereo Nathan Funk, Yee-Hong Yang
11:50 Non-Uniform Hierarchical Geo-consistency for Multi-baseline Stereo Marc-Antoine Drouin, Martin Trudeau, Sebastien Roy
11:10 Dense Stereo Range Sensing with Marching Pseudo-Random Patterns Danick Desjardins, Pierre Payeur
Early Vision II
11:30 Training Database Adequacy Analysis for Learning-Based Super-Resolution Isabelle Begin and Frank P. Ferrie

Wednesday 15:00 - 18:00: Paper Session 5
Robot Vision
15:00 Camera Sensor Model for Visual SLAM Jing Wu and Hong Zhang
15:20 Qualitative Evaluation of Feature Extractors for Bearing-Only Visual SLAM Jonathan Klippenstein and Hong Zhang
15:40 Fourier tags: Smoothly degradable fiducial markers for use in human-robot interaction Junaed Sattar, Eric Bourque, Philippe Giguere, Gregory Dudek
Robot Control
16:00 Petri Net-Based Cooperation in Multi-Agent Systems Yehia T. Kotb, Steven S. Beauchemin, John L. Barron
16:20 Corridor Navigation And Obstacle Avoidance Using Visual Potential For Mobile Robot Naoya Ohnishi, Atsushi Imiya
16:40 Energy Efficient Robot Rendezvous Pawel Zebrowski, Yaroslav Litus, Richard T. Vaughan
17:00 Efficient camera motion and 3D recovery using an inertial sensor Martin Labrie, Patrick Hebert
17:20 Can Lucas-Kanade be used to estimate motion parallax in 3D cluttered scenes? V. Couture and M. S. Langer